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Welcome to wallride park

Wallride park is a purpose built extreme sports park for any thing that has wheels & no engine. We consist of Ashphalt pumptrack, the first in India, built by Switzerland's VELOSOLUTIONS , and a skatepark built by India's own Holystoked.

Skate board park

Skate boarding

A purpose built park to build & hone your skate, skoot, & BMX skills. Get your Adrenaline pumpin, get some air, grind & ledge & have fun!!!

A skatepark consists of Ramps and other features and obstacles, designed to help do stunts.

Pump ride park


A pumptrack provides rolling jump & turns found on Traditional BMX style track with the flow of MTB trails & the rhythm of skate parks. Pumptracks are the ultimate outdoor play ground suitable for all.

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